Friday, January 6, 2012

Remove Search Service Application in SharePoint 2010

I have a problematic Search Service Application(SSA) in the SP 2010 farm after patching the SP1, the SSA is always in starting mode or stopping mode when I click never complete the task successfully... and I can't delete the SSA in Central Admin neither... So I turned to Powershell and the good old stsadm.

Here are the steps

Run cmdlet to get SSA id (the guid)

Then run 
Stsadm -o deleteconfigurationobject -id  <GUID>

Then you should see the SSA gone away successfully.

To re-setup the search for SharePoint 2010, you can follow the script to Russ Maxwell

You can also use PowerShell to setup Sharepoint 2010 Search Crawl Schedules. Just follow
Powershell Script to set up Sharepoint 2010 Search Crawl Schedules - from PointBeyond.

Hope this help!

Updated 09 Jan 2012:
After the SSA is removed, the you will see Event ID 8031 appears in your Event Log, check out next post SharePoint 2010 Application Event ID 8031 for a fix.

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