Monday, September 20, 2010

Import Excel Spreadsheet into SharePoint 2010 List

You may not know that Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used database application in a typical organization that use MS Office suit, from data entry clerk to CEO, almost everyone know this application… And quite often they use it to capture and store data, in some case even import data are stored in Excel spreadsheet, circulate in the office or among the team. This spreadsheet often saved in My Document folder or hard drive, or multiple locations. The spreadsheets are not backup properly, it is not web based, or almost unknown by IT.

If you know the data that stored inside an Excel spreadsheet that is shared to multiple users, or has retaining or historical value, you should start consider moving them into SharePoint list. And take advantage of SharePoint version control, permission and more…

In the previous SharePoint 2007, you can download list items in a spreadsheet from SharePoint, but there is no option for importing Excel data into the SharePoint List.

This is one of the neat features from SharePoint 2010. You can do this through a simple import spreadsheet feature in SharePoint 2010, just download an example and try it yourself.


  1. Download a sample spreadsheet(If you don't have one)

  2. Rename the downloaded file extension to .xlsx

  3. Click Site Actions -> More Options

  4. Under List, select "Import Spreadsheet" Then Click Create

  5. Name the list "After Hour Call List", click browse to select the Excel file

  6. Click Import

  7. SharePoint Opens the Excel sheet, Select the range of values and click Import

  8. The list is created using the schema from the Excel file.

Give it a try. Thanks!

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