Monday, January 9, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Application Event ID 8031

Just few days ago, I posted Remove Search Service Application in SharePoint 2010 using stsadm, over the weekend; I noticed my Application Event log is filled with SharePoint Foundation Error - Event ID 8031, it shows up every 15 minutes… with a big question mark, I turned to internet search engine; some suggested apply the October Cumulative updates for SharePoint 2010 which we already did last year, other suggest rebuild the SharePoint! OMG!

Since everything in the SharePoint appear to be running fine... There is no compelling reason for a server rebuild. Then I found this article from Von Ingo. it helps me get rid of this event. However, I had to arm-wrestling with the DBA to gain access to the SQL Server.

Basically, here is the summary of what you need to do.
  1. Copy the long ID from  the event log
  2. Search the ID in SharePoint Config DB
  3. Retrieve the Column ID
  4. Then run stsadm -o deleteconfigurationobject command
  5. Done!
Here are the details
  1. Copy the long ID from the event 8031, just like the blue highlight in the image above
  2. Logon to SQL Server and lunch SQL Management Studio 
  3. Navigate to SharePoint_Config database, create a new SQL Query, and enter the following statement
    • SELECT ID, Properties FROM [Objects] WHERE [Name] LIKE '%24ca5db5-9a2f-4a3d-9e52-38ab5a1a7ab0_735388cb-9769-4d37-b212-0b17a5db02f8%'
  4. Note the id was copied from the screen above.
  5. The query result returned with one record found. (screen below) 
    • Feel free to look into the XML contents if you are interested.
  6. Then I copy the column id from the above image (highlighted in purple)
  7. Go back to the Web server and run the following stsadm.
    • STSADM -o deleteconfigurationobject -id C8D9F11F-D129-41D7-9248-D54DE43059D2
  8. The operation completed successfully, 
You should stop receiving the Event ID 8031 every 15 minutes. You pretty much need to repeat this work every time after you remove a SharePoint Search Application from your farm.

Hope this help!

Updated 31st Oct 2012
* As pointed out by my reader, "Accessing the Config DB directly from SQL is not supported by Microsoft". Perhaps you should check with Microsoft Support before you update the Config DB manually.


  1. Hi, I think that an important Note needs to be made to his article.

    accessing the Config DB directly from SQL is not supported by Microsoft.

    doing so will render your server to an unsupported state, so it is not a valid option for a Production server.

  2. SELECT ID, Properties FROM [Objects] WHERE [Name] LIKE '%24ca5db5-9a2f-4a3d-9e52-38ab5a1a7ab0_735388cb-9769-4d37-b212-0b17a5db02f8%'

    I have the same 8031 error showing up hundreds of times a day.

    I tried the query above with my string and no results?

    1. I know this is a little late for you - but for anyone coming across this question, you need to replace the characters in between the %% part of the SQL Query with the GUID you have in your own event 8031 error (look at the description of the event id error, and do not include the "{" or "}")

    2. make sure to use the SharePoint config database

  3. Thank you, well written and really useful:-)

  4. Just came across this and can confirm this method also works with SharePoint 2013 SP1 (even though STSADM is being deprecated, you can still use it if you have to)

    Thank you, saved me some time!! :)

  5. What is the 8031 errors on one of my WFE Servers but not any of the others, should you still delete using STSADM?

  6. I followed the steps.
    It worked! Thanks!!

  7. Is there any risk doing the same stuffs in production server ?

    Thanks in advance